On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 12:55:35PM -0400, Paul MacKenzie wrote:
> Hi,
> I was testing out the lukemftpd in stable and ran into this problem which 
> is probably easy to fix but is stumping me.
> When we create a directory under any class, the read and execute 
> permissions on the Other bit is disabled (no "Other" read permissions on 
> any directory created via FTP). This poses a problem as any directory 
> created under FTP will not be readable for web purposes.
> Here is the command we had in Inetd.conf
> ftp    stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/lukemftpd  ftpd -ll -r 
> -u
> Any ideas why this is happening?

Yes.  The default umask for lukemftpd(8) is 027.  Read the
ftpd.conf(5) manpage for detailed instructions on how to modify that
value, but you probably want to create a /etc/ftpd.conf file and
include within it:

    umask real 022

You should also read ftpusers(5) and make sure you've set up your
users with the right classes etc.  For backwards compatibility, just
listing the username in /etc/ftpusers disables that account from using
the FTP service.  Certainly you should disable FTP access for root and
all pseudo-users.



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