Hi all,
I have a friend with a cisco 827 adsl router. It has config hassles but
when that is sorted, we need to setup a freebsd box inside the cisco
router to handle a /29 block of ips. 3 questions...
a) Should I assume the cisco is not the worlds greatest firewall and setup
the freebsd machine as one (creating a dmz)
b) The /29 block is routed by the ISP to  the cisco device. I guess we
need to place a static route on the cisco gadget that directs any of the
incoming /29 block request onto the freebsd box...Correct?
c) Should I use IPNAT on the fbsd box an place all the /29 ips the NIC
facing the cisco and NAT to the internal private IPs of the servers inside
the fbsd Lan? I know I don't have to but if I do this would I have to
config the fbsd as a router (routed or such). I will make it the gateway
for the internal LAN. Is that enough? I think it should be? Ideas please.

Here is the scheme...Will this work is it best? Thanks heaps

                        [ADSL Internet]
                          +CISCO ROUTER+  static route
                     +FREEBSD Gateway firewall+
                             /   \
                            /     \
                           /       \
                          /         \
                   (   (  etc etc
                     WWW server      OTHER server

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