Hi all. Got an older box running Fbsd v4.6 and for some silly reason it's got this strange habit of giving an error (didn't stay up long enough to write it down) that sounds like a kernel panic, except instead of the typical kernel panic message, it fills the screen with some message about an application error, hit any key or the server will reboot in 15 seconds. It only does this when compiling or after the box has been up for more than 24 hours. It's not a mission critical machine, but it's got some data on it I'd prefer not to loose. I know I'm being kinda vague, but it happens at random and I usually see the error on the screen just before the box reboots. So I don't have time to catch it. I'm sure someone has had this before. This is also the same box that had the ports installation issue. Any insight into this would be welcome. Also, if I see the error again, I'll try to write it down.

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