On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 04:07:12AM -0400, David Banning wrote:
> I have been attempting to get the $1 passed from sendmail to
> do some mail filtering in Procmail. My existing sendmail .mc
> file is;

You mean the +detail you can add to an e-mail address, as in

That should just work.  It's generally supported within sendmail.cf so
long as you configure a local mailer that can handle it -- in your
case 'FEATURE(local_procmail)' will be sufficient.

One exception in the .mc file: the +detail stuff is not preserved when
looking up an address in aliases or .forward files unless you add

Otherwise, you will need to make provisions in genericstable and
virtusertable to support it:

genericstable -- you need both of these lines:

    john      j.doe
    john+*    j.doe+%1

virtusertable -- '+' is a wildcard match character, and you end up with
%2 containing 'detail' and %3 containing '+detail', so you can do:


which also covers the case where no +detail is given.



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