Fabio Miranda Hamburger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi, I have a 4,x machine and I want to upgrade it to 4-Stable branch.
> I have internet access just by a HTTP proxy (squid).
> I cant figure out how to configure CVSup to connect throught proxy.

Makes sense.  cvsup doesn't use HTTP, so an HTTP proxy won't help it.

> What others options do I have?

Well, that's a little tricky.  Without IP connectivity, it's hard to
use IP to download the source code.  You could get the sources by FTP,
but you'll have to download the whole thing every time.  It's possible
the ctm(1) might help (see the handbook as well as the manual), but I
don't know if -STABLE is being supported.

> I dont have access to the proxy server itself, so I cant set up NAT or
> other.

It sounds like you're trying to circumvent the network policy.  
That isn't a technical problem, so a technical solution may 
not be the best way to solve it.
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