I have a small network of two boxes and experience some
oddities so that I would be glad for some advice.

  Box A: FreeBSD, 
         interface isp0 (ISDN card to Internet provider) and 
         interface xlo (Ethernet to Box B)

  Box B: Windows or FreeBSD or Linux 
         Ethernet interface to Box 

Box A on isp0 gets some dynamic IP everytime it connects
Box A on xl0 should be
Box B should be 192.1668.0.2

To allow internet browsing on Box B, I set up natd on Box A,
to have packages coming in on Box A via interface isp0 and to sent
out on interface xl0 to Box B.

To allow file sharing under Windows on Box B, I set up
samba on Box A.

Where I seem to have problems is DNS.
I get nameserver lookups (the name server is at my provider),
which result in a phone connection, even if a local name
(I mean something I put in /etc/hosts already)
is resolved.

Perhaps my /etc/hosts is already not correct:               localhost localhost.my.domain a-gw a-gw.my.domain             a.my.domain     a             b.my.domain     b

Any advice or tutorial?

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