On Sat, 2003-07-12 at 03:43, Julien Gabel wrote:
> Is there a port for the current mozilla firebird mail client? Does
> anybody have a binary of a recent build that will run on freebsd 5.1
> natively ...that you will share? I read about building it from src, but
> it looks more complicated then ./configure make ,,,make install and
> therefore is out of my scope. I just thought i would ask as this
> community is cool about helping others.
You can found it under the Ports Collection:

This is not the mail client, though. The mail client is called Thunderbird, and it is currently not ported.


Yes, i meant thunderbird mail client...it was late sorry for the mistake. I looked into building it but thunderbird requires mozilla building experience and it looks like that takes a programmers mentality.

Thanks in advance.

ps. in the meantime i am running mozilla 1.4 on freebsd 5.1 with linux emulation, but the mozilla spell checker @ http://spellchecker.mozdev.org/installation.html ...yes the linux one seeing how i am running a linux binary....does not work. anybody have a working xpi binary for this? i think
its the difference with the linux base freebsd uses and the one the binary was compiled for.

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