Considering you won't buy a certificate from a trusted CA, you might tell your users to install your CA certificate or your Web server certificate by providing a link to these certificates: IE will download them, ask the user if he/she trust them and put them in the trusted certificate store.

Alternatively, when a user connects to an SSL Web server and IE doesn't trust the certificate, there's an option in the dialog box which allows for the certificate installation in the trusted certificate store.

Anyway, you won't be able to change your certificate so that your users access your SSL Web server without some sort of warning... unless you buy a certificate from some (IE) trusted CA, such as Verisign.

admin wrote:
OS: FreeBSD 4.8
mod_ssl 2.8.14
apache 1.3.27


I am now servering a certificate to web connections. Internet Explorer complains of the certificate not being issued by a trusted

I am the CA for the certificate.  What are ways I can modify the certificate
so IE does not complain about this anymore?

- Noah

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