I need to setup an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack host, an IPv4-only host and an
IPv6-only host to test an application I'm developing. The only useful documents
I've found about this topic are section 19.15 of the handbook and an article on
OnLamp.com titled 'IPv6, Meet FreeBSD'.

   I have two PCs in my home network both connected to an AtlantisLand ADSL
router with (simple) firewall built-in. What I want to do is setup a PC as a
IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack host connected to the 6bone through freenet6. This PC will
act as an IPv6 gateway for the other PC, configured as an IPv6-only host and
IPv4-only host by installing twice FreeBSD and using dual-boot.

   Is this possible to achieve? Does anybody know how to do this? Furthermore,
how can an application detect system's configuration (IPv4/IPv6, IPv4-only,

   Thank you for your help,

      Francesco Casadei
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