"Remington L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am interested in installing an FTP proxy server on my default gateway. I
> understand caching and all that, my question goes along the lines of
> security. Lets say I leave ports 21, 20 open on the server(default gateway)
> and I have another machine which is the actually FTP server. 

You also need to handle the data connections, and forward them.

>                                                              I read
> somewhere about proxy packet inspection. It is my understanding that without
> the proxy anyone can portscan me and find the open port. With proxy
> inspection it will only allow in valid FTP commands through, making it
> harder to find the open ports. Does this hold true?

You can be portscanned in either case.  To support FTP, you have to
have the FTP command port open.

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