Andrew J Thomas wrote:
I have been experiencing a problem with the lookup daemon (or at least
that's as far as I have been able to track it) where after 2-50 minutes of
successful operation it will return a generic 'not found' error for network
addresses. It seems that the cache is becoming corrupt or something. Sending
a SIGHUP to lookupd resolves the problem briefly but it comes back again
within 10 minutes usually. Any suggestions how this is happening or how to
fix this permanently other than re-installing?

Your question strongly implies that you are not running FreeBSD, but MacOS X. Wrong list. See "man lookupd" and the section on cache agents, specificly:

     The operation and configuration of the cache agent are described in
     detail in the sections above.  The configuration options for the Cache
     agent are ValidateCache, CacheCapacity, and TimeToLive. These options may
     be set globally and/or for specific categories.  Options set for a spe-
     cific category will over-ride the global setting.

     Note that CacheAgent should always appear first in a LookupOrder specifi-
     cation to allow lookupd to find cached entries before searching other
     information services.


     The NILAgent always returns a result for a query, so it stops any search.
     However, it returns a negative record, which carries the meaning that the
     item requested does not exist.  The use of negative entries in a cache is
     controversial, so lookupd does not include the NILAgent in its default
     lookup order.  [ ... ]


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