I've just switched from 4.8 to 5.1-CURRENT and all the dmesg files
are full of stuff that I've never seen before, like this:

6 start_16_io RW *Handler
    307 start_32_io RW *Handler
    308 debug RW *Handler
  309 pci R  Node
    310 enable_io_modes RW *Handler Int
    311 allow_unsupported_io_range R  *Handler Int
  327 usb RW Node
  328 wi R  Node
    329 txerate RW *Handler Int
    330 debug RW *Handler Int

which would be OK, except that all the more useful messages seem to
get scrolled off the end of the dmesg buffer so if you can't read the
boot messages while they're flashing by on the boot console your out
of luck.  I see nothing about it in UPDATING or the handbook.

How do I turn off the more useless debugging boot messages or make the
dmesg buffer larger?

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