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> Is this a wise move? One of the things I've liked about FreeBSD over the years 
> is that it just works (most of the time!), with no compulsion to move to the 
> next version. If this is the case, surely we are now compelled to upgrade or 
> patch whether we want to or not?
> I hope this new development is either backed out, or made backwards-compatible 
> in some way to permit versions < 4,8 to continue working.

I agree. I'm in the dark as much as you, but it may be an oversight - whoever
made the code change may not have realised the new pkg_info was so recent..
I don't know.

I run 4.5 on my router, and 5.1 on my desktop, but my server is still on
4.4 (its colocated, so rather tricky to update, and its quite busy)

I expect its reasonable to say 4.4 is too old (I'm planning on updating
it soon) but if I was on 4.6.2 I'd expect a bit more life out of it before
things stop working!

>> As a work around, if you define the environment variable
>> FORCE_PKG_REGISTER to anything from the command line before running
>> the install, it will work (as it will skip the part that checks if the port
>> is already installed.)
> Thanks, Jamie. I'll give that a try today and see if it works for me.

Since writing that last message, I've updated my pkg_info.
For my machine on 4.4 I needed to download and replace /usr/share/Mk/*
and then /usr/src/usr.sbin/pkg_install/*

Your /usr/share/Mk may be recent enough.. I don't know.

from there, cd to /usr/src/usr.sbin/pkg_install and
make install
make clean

Alternatively, download my binaries, made from 4.8-release sources.
De-tar the bzipped archive, and move the
files from usr.sbin into /usr/sbin and the files from usr.share.man.man1
into /usr/share/man/man1 - being careful to preserve file permissions.


(approx 90K)

Cheers, Jamie

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