> On Mon, 14 Jul 2003, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> [...]
> >>> Do you guys use this option ? 
> >
> >Yes.
> Has anyone run into a situation where you'd answer "no" to an fsck
> question?  In what circumstances would you not answer "yes"?
> I can't remember ever answering "no" to fsck: if you do, you'll still
> have an unstable filesystem and won't be able to use it safely.  If you
> answer "yes", the contents may be wrong, but the filesystem itself will
> be stable and usable.

I think the main reason to answer know would be if you wanted to 
experiment with the disk as an unmounted devvice to try and figure
out some information - maybe about what went wrong or something - 
before fsck cleaned things up.   But, in usual practice, you may
just want to use the -y switch.


> Thoughts?
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> Steve Coile
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