FYI the only way I could recover the partitions semi successfully was rebuilding the arrays identically and then use gpart to recover the partition info. This would last for anywhere between 1-5 hours before the array would get broken. The only thing that changed on both systems when things started acting up was the addition of the line to /etc/exports.

What would be the most appropriate list to further get info on to the cause of this. My best guess is there is a glitch in the HPT374 controller or a bug in the FreeBSD driver.


On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 03:34 PM, Sumit Shah wrote:

Dear FreeBSD gurus,

I apologize in advance if this is not the most appropriate list to post this to, but this seems the best that I can find. Here is my situation, we have an Abit AT7 motherboard with onboard RAID (HPT374). It has worked beautifully for us with FreeBSD 4.7 and then 4.8 for a good 8 months or so serving up NFS and Samba. This morning my /etc/exports looked something like

/data6 machine1 machine2 -mapall=65534
/data8 machine1 machine2 -mapall=65534

I then added a line so it looked something like:

/data6 machine1 machine2 -mapall=65534
/data8 machine1 machine2 -mapall=65534
/data6 -network 10.10.10 -mask -mapall=65534

I sent a HUP to mountd and everything seemed to work fine. Then I started getting errors similar to:

ad4: hard error reading fsbn 242727552

So I rebooted and the HPT374 controller was complaining that the first disk in the RAID-0 configuration failed. I thought this might be a bad disk, but we had an identical system with the same EXACT configuration and we started mountd on that with the same exports file from above. A minute or two later the same type of errors and same complaint by the HPT374 controller about the first disk in the RAID-0 array being bad.

I was wondering if there is any, no matter how remote, possibility that by adding that third line to the exports file that the raid-0 got corrupted somehow and if so how to maybe reverse it. I have left everything else intact nothing has changed on the controller side or freebsd config.

Just as a note, we are not using vinum, but using the created array (ar0) and formatting that as UFS.

Thanks so much for getting thorugh this email!


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