> need more disk space
> This is a two part question.
> I'm running FBSD4.8
> 1. when I do a " df -hi " I get.
> > df -hi
> Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity iused ifree %iused Mounted on
> /dev/ad0s2a 126M 119M -2.6M 102% 2676 13578 16% /
> /dev/ad0s2f 252M 14K 232M 0% 8 32502 0% /tmp
> /dev/ad0s2g 21G 2.6G 17G 13% 196822 2580776 7% /usr
> /dev/ad0s2e 252M 20M 212M 8% 1144 31366 4% /var
> procfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% 30 1014 3% /proc
> telling me that my / slice is pretty much full.
> How can I tell what is part of the / slice so that I can find what is taking
> the space and delete things that I don't need.

Just a little quibble;    your root _slice_ which looks to be ads2, doesn't 
look all that full.  But, your root _partition_ which is ads2a at 102% is 
in trouble.

All of those partitions you show in the above df look to be
in the same slice.    (eg you have reversed your terminology - in
FreeBSD slice is the big main chunk named 1-4 and is divided in to 
partitions that are named a-h.

Anyway, someone else has already pointed out the du command to
you.    Use that to search for what is taking up more room than
you expect.

Second, 126MB is kind of small for root nowdays, though you might
get by if you don't put anything that grows in it.   To change it,
the best way is to back up each of the partitions and then rebuild
the disk partitions from scratch and then restore the backups in to
the newly made partitions.   Use dump/restore if you have tape
or a conveniently huge other disk available.


> 2. would it be better to try and find what is taking all the space or just
> grow the slice with growfs?
> Can I make the /usr slice smaller and give some to / or can I link the
> directory that's taking all the space in / to somewhere in /usr?
> Thanks.
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