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> Hi Will,
> Thanks for the grat feedback! Your informations are great!
> Anyway DL360G3 is too much for us. I was thinking about ML line, like
> ML330G3 or ML350G3. No one in Polish Compaq support is willing to help
> me with this as they simply don't have such knowledge.
> Do you have any of ML line? Does any one here have? I need this info!


We bought an ML370G2 about a year and a half ago. I was able to install FreeBSD on it 
and compile/boot an SMP kernel. That was about the extent of my playtime with the 
machine, which was quickly whisked off to slave away as an MS SQL 2000 server.

I know the onboard NICs work fine using the fxp driver, the onboard video works OK and 
the onboard RAID controller is also supported via the ciss driver. The fans dont get 
all loud either.

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