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> lewiz wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >  I know this is slightly off-topic (I've tried asking in #GNOME on
> >FreeNode) but does anybody here use GNOME and CUPS for printing?
> >I've got my printers setup nicely from CUPS (I can print test pages,
> >etc.) but when I try and print from GNOME they are not listed.  Some
> >searching on Google Groups shows that this integration was planned,
> >but I've been unable to determine if it's been done (an early post
> >said it would probably be around for GNOME2.2) and how to use it.
> >
> >  Any help on getting GNOME to print to local CUPS printers would be
> >great.  Thanks very much,
> >
> >-lewiz.
> By chance do you have cups-lpr installed? Be sure you read the
> Makefile and a couple of other files because you will needo to
> tell /etc/make.conf to forever more not make the lp* stuff (that
> information is in man make.conf) because cups has its own version of
> the lp* items.  Everytime you makeworld you'll wipe it out.
> If you do have it installed then you may want to uninstall it then
> reinstall a make world might have wiped it out.

The cups-lpr port will install its binaries in /usr/local and is
_not_ wiped out by a 'make world'.  You just have to remember to use
/usr/local/bin/lpr rather than /usr/bin/lpr.  Setting the PATH so that
/usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin is first is an easy way to solve
the problem.

Also, that has nothing to do with the original poster's question.  He
is asking about integration of cups in GNOME.  It is possible to print
using cups without having cups-lpr installed with utilities such as that
provided with KDE (kprinter).

To the original poster: The closest thing that is in the FreeBSD ports
system is gtklp.  This is a gtk-1.2 application though so does not
really integrate into gnome2.

I saw a printer utility in GNOME either on a Red Hat or Mandrake Linux
system that I think does integrate into gnome but I do not know what the
utility was called.  I will have to look around a bit.

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