At 12:05 PM 14/07/2003 -0700, Brent Wiese wrote:

> Does anyone know of any documentation on how to do this ? I > have searched > through google and I find lots of references to people saying, "use > certificates" but beyond that I havent found any actual > documentation on > how to do it.

You need to use aggressive mode.

Check out this link (hopefully it'll work, if not, go to their knowledge

This is somewhat specific to snapgear, but since they're running freeswan on
coldfire linux, it should be close enough to help.

Hi and thanks for the response.
Sorry, I should have been more clear, I want to do IPSEC on FreeBSD, not Linux or Linux derivatives. The two implementations are different. FreeSwan != KAME (which FreeBSD is based on). Also, I am using racoon for the keying.


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