Hi all. I left the message earlier. But the answer was simple. 
Does not cost use cvsup 4.x-> 5.x. But if there was a necessity? 

building shared library libkse.so.1
thr_libc.So: In function `sigaction':
thr_libc.So(.text+0x54): multiple definition of `_sigaction'
thr_sigaction.So(.text+0x0): first defined here
thr_libc.So: In function `sigprocmask':
thr_libc.So(.text+0x34): multiple definition of `_sigprocmask'
thr_sigprocmask.So(.text+0x0): first defined here
*** Error code 1

In Problem Report bin/53201:
The problem still exists in RELENG_5_1, preventing me from building
 5.1 on a 4.7 machine. Could someone be so kind and provide
 the two required patches for src/Makefile.inc1
 and src/lib/libpthread/support/Makefile.inc _HERE_ in bug report
 53201? I would appreciate.
 Many thanks!

It is impossible to make cvsup 4.8,4.7-> 5.1????????? 
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