On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 10:20:31AM -0700, Johnson David wrote:
> On Sunday 13 July 2003 02:29 pm, Otterro Del Agua wrote:
> > Good afternoon. I was hoping to find some information here, but have
> > been unable to find it so far. I'm in the process of completing media
> > for release and am looking at different licensing options. I'm
> > familiar with BSD, GPL, and even Poul-Henning Kamp's "beer-ware
> > license". I've found reference to FFL (and even FFLv2), in honor of
> > Bill Fumerola. Where can I find the terms of this license?
> Well, where did you find this license? I've looked through my source 
> tree, and there is no reference to it that I can find, but there is a 
> reference to Bill Fumerola in calendar.
> David
> _______________________________________________


You can find a reference at Google, of course,
but the best thing I can say on this subject is
"Don't feed the trolls, please."  FFL stands
for F*** Fumerola License, and is likely something
that Matt Dillon or someone else with a burr
up his you-know-where invented as a flame...

Note that the address of this supposed questioner
is hotmail.com, and think of what that means...
although he asked in a straightforward way,
I imagine that it's quite possible that it's 
just somebody trolling to stir up this hornet's
nest of flame wars......

My .02 cents, please no offence...

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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