On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 14:50, Glenn Johnson wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 10:13:22AM -0700, K Anderson wrote:
> > lewiz wrote:
> >
> > >Hi,
> > >
> > >  I know this is slightly off-topic (I've tried asking in #GNOME on
> > >FreeNode) but does anybody here use GNOME and CUPS for printing?
> > >I've got my printers setup nicely from CUPS (I can print test pages,
> > >etc.) but when I try and print from GNOME they are not listed.  Some
> > >searching on Google Groups shows that this integration was planned,
> > >but I've been unable to determine if it's been done (an early post
> > >said it would probably be around for GNOME2.2) and how to use it.
> > >
> > >  Any help on getting GNOME to print to local CUPS printers would be
> > >great.  Thanks very much,
> > >
> > >-lewiz.
> >
> > By chance do you have cups-lpr installed? Be sure you read the
> > Makefile and a couple of other files because you will needo to
> > tell /etc/make.conf to forever more not make the lp* stuff (that
> > information is in man make.conf) because cups has its own version of
> > the lp* items.  Everytime you makeworld you'll wipe it out.
> >
> > If you do have it installed then you may want to uninstall it then
> > reinstall a make world might have wiped it out.
> The cups-lpr port will install its binaries in /usr/local and is
> _not_ wiped out by a 'make world'.  You just have to remember to use
> /usr/local/bin/lpr rather than /usr/bin/lpr.  Setting the PATH so that
> /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin is first is an easy way to solve
> the problem.
> Also, that has nothing to do with the original poster's question.  He
> is asking about integration of cups in GNOME.  It is possible to print
> using cups without having cups-lpr installed with utilities such as that
> provided with KDE (kprinter).
> To the original poster: The closest thing that is in the FreeBSD ports
> system is gtklp.  This is a gtk-1.2 application though so does not
> really integrate into gnome2.
> I saw a printer utility in GNOME either on a Red Hat or Mandrake Linux
> system that I think does integrate into gnome but I do not know what the
> utility was called.  I will have to look around a bit.

There is a GNOME CUPS front-end that we're playing with in my CVS repo,
but it's not integrated into libgnomeprint yet.  It's called
gnome-cups-manager.  I haven't done anything with it since I don't use
CUPS.  However, if someone wants to finish the port, I can commit it.


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