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In fact I wanted to try adding an option in mgetty, like:
"if WITH_USR=yes, then patch the mgetty source"

This usually went this way, even if I don't want to prevent you from asking the ports maintainer to accept/commit your patch. Usually you create the patch against mgetty, send this patch to the mgetty author(s). If they accept your patch and it's included into the next release, the port may be enhanced with a flag 'WITH_USR' which enables eg. the CONFIGURATION_ARGS '--with-usr'.

You can place the patch for mgetty into the files/ directory in the
port location, the name of the patchfile must start with patch- to be
applied automatically. You should create the patch in that way you will
submit it to the mgetty author(s), so you can prove it's full working
and don't blame yourself with sending broken code.

I'll have alook at the porters handbook.

It's a good start :-)

Yes, on you own machine you can have each directory you want. If you
want to change something in the ports structure, you should ask the
PortManagers at [EMAIL PROTECTED] and substantiate your

OK, but if I cvsup, won't my directory be erased ?

Nope, only directories and files which were in the cvs tree before and became deleted are deleted at your machine, too, when you've specified '*default delete' in your cvsupfile.

Hope it helps a little bit.

I does, thanks a lot :)

No thanks, therefore is the questions@ list. AFAIK php has such a one, too, hm?


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