As I understand it dump will not backup everything reading the Freebsd book. I
have a 1.5Mbps connection.   Files seems to be about 3.1 Gigs each on 4
different machines .  I have a freebsd box with extra 12 Gigs of space that I
can save to. I would like to save to a cd writer on the same machine it is  a
Liton CDRW but that other task getting it running to copy.  I think if I had a
I would have my installation on a cd for the ports and freebsd I need. Then
save the data only.


Matthew Seaman wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 09:08:15AM +0000, DanB wrote:
> > What is the easy way to back up over the internet? What software should
> > be used?
> That's a rather vague question, which makes it pretty hard to give a
> sensible answer, I'm afraid.
> Ease is a very subjective thing.  There's certainly many more than one
> way of achieving such tasks, many of which seem about equally easy to
> me. Pretty much every Unix utility ever designed to copy the contents
> of a filesystem onto a tape drive has the capability to access a
> remote tape.  Even more: any utility capable of copying files from one
> machine to another could be considered usable for backup purposes.
> Generally copying the files from machine to machine is only half the
> problem.  Setting up a backup schedule, making the backups run
> automatically and unattended, testing that your backups are actually
> fit for purpose (it's amazing how many people have only found out that
> their tape drive had malfunctioned and wasn't writing anything on the
> tapes at the point of trying to recover a crashed system...)
> etc. etc. All need to be considered.
> I can certainly point you at some manual pages for some commonly used
> software.  See:
>     dump(8)
>     tar(1)
>     scp(1)
>     rsync(1)   [ports: net/rsync,]
>     amanda     [ports: misc/amanda-server, misc/amanda-client
>       ]
> See also the SSH FAQ on how to set up ssh(1) (which all of dump(1),
> scp(1) and rsync(1) run on top of) to do unattended logins:
> Perhaps you would like to restate your question with a lot more detail
> about exactly what you want to do and what your constraints are. Such
> things as: how much data you have to backup; bandwidth limitations
> between your server and where you're backing it up to; what sort of
> device you're writing to; security requirements -- can the data be
> transmitted across the internet in plaintext, or does it have to be
> encrypted?  Can it be stored on the backup medium unencrypted? How can
> you authenticate yourself to the backup server?
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