I upgraded to Apache 2.0.47 via ports and did USE_MPM=perchild at same
time. apache-perchild-2.0.47 appeared to build and install fine.

But my SSL and mod_dav stopped working reliably. They sometimes worked,
but were so slow it was unusable. (Sometimes taking minutes.)

After wasting much time, troubleshooting and documenting my issues, I
simply reinstalled 2.0.47 with regular forking model. And Dav with SSL
work great again.

Does anyone use perchild with Dav? with SSL?

I have read some old postings about perchild problems -- but that was
before 5.0. Also, the www/apache2 port includes "perchild" so I assume it
is used.

This particular system is FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE (i386).

I assume it is a threading issue.

Any advice?

   Jeremy C. Reed

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