Hi Noah,

> I have years of perl experience and PHP has been easy to pick up. 
> however, I am looking for a good book that can bring me way up to
> speed in choping htis stuff up better.  any recommendations there?

Indeed anything by O'Reilly, although costly. Subscriptions through
their safari service are nice and you get to spread costs and read lots
of 'em.

I've personally read parts of "Core PHP Development" by Leon Atkinson.
Maybe you can get it cheap these days, as it stems from 2000. Came
across as a very decent book.

Also, I've heard good things about New Riders' books in general, but I
haven't read any so far [Sorry, "Absolute OpenBSD" is first on my list,
"Absolute BSD" next].

sitepoint.com offers two books on web development; one on CSS and on one
PHP/MySQL. We just received our copy of the CSS book, which looks
awesome. Can't tell you about the PHP book, but they offer sample
chapters via e-mail.

The online resources for PHP are plentiful.

HTH... Nico
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