As I am sure many have noticed, a default installation of 5.1-RELEASE will
leave you with no procfs mounted at /proc, and no entry in /etc/fstab for
a procfs.

Is this by design ?

Is it better to not run /proc on 5.x ?

What are the consequences of running without a procfs on 5.x ?


Was this just a bug/oversight in the 5.1-RELEASE, and in reality we should
definitely be running a procfs and have an entry in /etc/fstab, etc. ?

This is with the GENERIC kernel, but other kernels I build with PROCFS
also do not result in a procfs existing either - I always have to manually
mount it.

Any commnts of any kind related to the design decision that may have been
behind this - or any explanation of a kind as to why the 5.1-RELEASE has
no procfs mounted or in fstab by default is much apprecaited!


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