>       Well, I tried both the standford tarballs and the ports'
>       stuff.  Both fail with this.  Does anybody know what I
>       need to do to fix this?  ...Before I scrounge around in
>       the code, that is... .

Well, dunno, really - I didn't cvsup my ports and tried to build it,
since I'm currently on site at a client where I can only get HTTP
access. I only read about it on the ports mailing list - looks like some
GNU automake fubar to me, wouldn't come too surprising.

I suggest you take the good advice from Chuck and stick with rsync,
which of course *does* synchronize directories and symlinks as well (and
is a very popular solution for such things). 

Simply use rsync's archive mode (see manpage and Chuck's posting,  -a),
which implies -r for recursion. 

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