> Are you by any chance using the NVIDIA supplied drivers?  I had 
> exactly the same symptoms with X freezing, especially when doing 
> something that puts a bit of load on the system.  The recent upgrade 
> to the drivers actually made things worse.  In the short term, the 
> only way to get the console screen back was to reboot. 
> However, in the long term, it seems the problem was a bad interaction 
> with the FreeBSD AGP GART -- ie. the agp.ko kernel module.  I 
> recompiled the driver to use it's own built in AGP GART and since then 
> everything has been rock solid stable --- the x11/nvidia port makes it 
> easy to switch, but remember to edit /boot/loader.conf or your kernel 
> config to take out (or add) the agp module.  NVIDIA docs are a bit 
> equivocal about recommending one way or the other -- which way to 
> choose depends on the precise hardware you have.  Only way to tell is 
> by experiment.  There's also a sysctl hw.nvidia.agp.status.rate that 
> lets you control the agp card rate: it should all work automatically, 
> but you may find that dropping the rate will help stabilize things. 
> Of course, that will have a deleterious impact on graphics 
> performance. 
I don't have NVIDIA drivers. Is there any known bug in the 
ATI Radeon driver? 
I rebooted, and all I have is the saved output from fstat, 
no core dump. Is this enough to find out what was wrong? 
Can I reproduce it under controlled circumstances? 

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