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On Wednesday, 16. July 2003 12:50, dick hoogendijk wrote:

> I have a question:
> The complete FreeBSD by Greg Lehey seems to be very good documentation
> on FreeBSD and it's mentioned often in this NG.
> Am I right to assume that this is the printed equivalent of the online
> handbook?
> If not, how can I obtain a printed copy of the handbook other than
> printing it myself (something I don't want to do ;-))

"The Complete FreeBSD" is *not* a printed version of the online-handbook 
shipped with FreeBSD. 
I cannot tell you where *exactly* the differences are, but I always like 
having a printed book handy, in case something goes really wrong and leaves 
me unable to access the online handbook. 
"The Complete FreeBSD" is quite a good book, in my opinion. If you - like me 
- - like having a real book around, I can recommend this one. 
It is available via... well, book stores. I got mine via amazon.de, but you 
can probably order a copy in any book store that has O'Reilly books. Or you 
can order via freebsdmall.com or something like that, check www.freebsd.org 
for sources.
The drawback is the price, "The Complete FreeBSD" comes for $ 45.00 (I got it 
cheaper because of the euro being at ~1.14 US-Dollars at the time), but if 
you plan to work with FreeBSD for some time, and if you aren't an a unix 
wizard, this book's really helpful. 
What I like about it, is that it's suitable both as a beginner's introduction 
and as a reference manual for more experienced users, so if you buy it, it 
will remain useful for some time. 

Hope to help,

Kind regards,

Benjamin Walkenhorst

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