+-- pat bey [freebsd] [14-07-03 22:02 -0700]:
| After installing postfix + courier-imap I can send
| messages but can't recieve them.  Using dyndns.org my
| the problem I think lies whenever I check root's
| system.  There a fatal warning message to root about
| tweax-def.net unable to resolve host name error. 
| Which was a hostname I never registered, but use
| during installation of FBSD 4.6 then cvsp 4.8. I
| change it to hijra.homeunix.com which is on all out
| going mail.  #hostname shows hijra.homeunix.com but
| rebooting when the kernel loads I notice it mentions
| the tweax-def.net as hostname.  Checked named.conf,
| /usr/local/etc/postfix/main.cf, rc.conf. and there is
| no mention of this anywhere.  Is there anywhere else I
| might have overlooked.  Thanks for your time and
| consideration. 
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        maybe /etc/hosts is the file you are looking for.

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