I have a Thosiba 6100 and I want to disable the onboard wireless card.
I didn't see any config in the bios to disable it and their tech-support
doesn't know crap.
I told them that I wanted to disable the wireless card from bios and they
kept telling me to do it in device manager after I told them that I wasn't
running Windows. figure that one?
There's a switch on the left side that's suppose to disable it, but it
when I boot FreeBSD, it still picks it up and gives it the wi0 interface.
then I put in my Orinoco card in which of course uses the wi interface also,
and I get an error messsage.
"No free configuration for card Lucent Technologies"

Does anyone have any idea how I can prevent FBSD from seeing that onboard
Or at least just get the Orinoco one working.

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