On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 10:42:12AM -0400, John Straiton wrote:
> Greets!
>       We had a server that was in bad enough shape after being in
> production for a few years that sometimes the simple tests done during a
> ./configure would core-dump instead of returning. To cure the problem,
> we did a mass pkg_delete with the intent of reinstalling everything.
> This worked great and the machine is very healthy now. We do however
> have 1 issue that sprung up. My pkg_info is screwy. Whereas I'm used to
> 1 package per line, we have some that are all mushed together, as seen
> here:


Try a :

#pkgdb -u

That will update the pkg database and see if that helps.

Bob Bomar
FreeBSD: The Power to Serve

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