I personally love using LyX, in association with teTeX. LyX is basically
a gui frontend for teTeX, and a very good one at that! It has improved a
lot over the past couple of years since I started using it. I have
written out a full masters dissertation, and many other documents using
LyX. It takes away some of the very tedious tasks that you need to do in
teTeX, but it doesn't exclude you from doing the tedious tasks manually,
if you really prefer it that way. You can work in ERT mode and add any
low level teTeX code you like. LyX makes it easy to render lyx documents
into different formats, PDF, PS, tex, txt, HTML etc, and view them.
Setting up indexing and crossreferencing and such things is simple, and
easy to keep track of, due to a very simple design. LyX itself is a
fairly small program (just over 5MB), so it is worth the download,
especially if you are going to install teTeX (60MB) anyway.

LyX is also very well documented, very informative, as well as
entertaining :)

If you install LyX from ports, it will install teTeX as part of the
install process.

Enjoy :)

> I want to get to learn the world of TeX.
> I know I have to read some books about it, but I'm a little confused
> about which port(s) I need to install.
> TUG (TeX User Group) speaks of teTeX, but in the ports is also a TeX
> I guess I have to install teTeX. Am I right?
> What extra programs are relevant to install? (LaTeX, pdflatex, metafont,
> LyX, JadeTeX)???
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