LLeweLLyn Reese wrote:
"Lin Jianfong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
As far as I know, objective C is sort of ancestor to C++,

Not an ancestor. Objective C and C++ were seperately developed, in different parts of the C community, and so far as I know there was little or no communication or cross-fertilization.

Your description is pretty decent; Objective-C came from a company called Stepstone, IIRC, and as you said, owed a lot to SmallTalk.

    (Well, there
    is a creature called 'Objective-C++', but I don't know much about
    that, though I get the impression it is little used.)

The primary purpose of Obj-C was to enable code to create interface classes between a C++ framework (say, a library for complex math operations) and Obj-C objects used by NEXTSTEP (Cocoa, GNUstep, etc) app-- such as a GUI app written using ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder.


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