It is still not very clear exactly what you are doing.
If you are running 5.x then that is quite outside my ken and
you should not take my added notes to seriously.

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 06:54, none wrote:
> I did that, sorry for not mentioning it, infact when i enabled the port is
> when the modem started to autoanswer otherwise it does not autoanswer at
> all
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> Subject: Re: Dialin problem
> On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:39, none wrote:
> > Hi, if anyone has done dial-in service before
> > i am having is that my modem does pick up the phone when i dial in, and
> the
> > two modems establish a connection, but the OS does not do anything there
> is
> > no login prompt, i was able to send data directly to the port and see it
> on
> > the other computer with command:  echo "Hello" > /dec/cuaa0, Also i read

Which end is this where you enter the echo command -- the autoanswer end with 
ttyd0 enabled in ttys or the other end? And where does it pop up at the other 
end? Presumably you are calling out from the distant end with some sort of 
software addressing /dev/cuua0. 

The response end (the end that is being called) normally talks through 
/dev/ttyd0 rather than /dev/cuaa0.

> > that if getty completes the open port process then it changes from ?? in
> > the PS screen to something it does not, so i am assuming that getty
> doesn't
> > realize that the connection has been established, any ideas?

The change from ?? to d0 will happen when getty gets the appropriate modem 
control signals -- I'm not sure exactly what, probably 'carrier detect'. Can 
it be you have a problem in your modem cable? Or even some freaky modem 

If this is the case it "might" sort of work if you dissable the requirement 
for modem control signals using (at the answer end)
# stty -f /dev/ttyd0 clocal


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