Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 22:18, Robert Chalmers wrote:

Mozilla compiles fine it seems, but when I go to run it, I get this, and
it dies.

No running window found.
Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display "".
/usr/libexec/ /usr/X11R6/lib/ Undefined symbol

Could someone tell me how to fix this please? Surely I'm not the only
one with the problem ????

Actually, you're the first one that has reported this. This simple is defined in libXrender installed as part of XFree86-libraries-4.3.0. You need to have XFree86-libraries 4.3.0 installed for this to work.


If I remember correctly, I have installed those libraries..
In fact, the only message that I got when I started Moz from a terminal is the "No running window found" message, whithout the Xlib message.
I then unistalled and re-installed it to no effect. I remember that /stand/sysinstall reported a problem but I can't find the paper on witch I wrote the message
I didn't had the time to investigate the problem correctly, that's why I waited before reporting the problem.

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