On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 01:37:48PM +0800, Robert Storey wrote:
> I recently ordered and received the 4-CD set of FBSD 5.1.
> I had presumed that this would give me a pretty complete desktop setup.
> Alas, I was wrong. A lot of very commmon apps are missing, such as
> Xemacs and Mplayer. It's disappointing. I only have a dialup modem. I
> don't have broadband and have no hope of getting it where I live, so I
> was counting on the 4-CD set to fill in the gaps.

xemacs21 is scheduled for disc1 if possible, but I suppose it was
bumped because of lack of space.  There are some xemacs and mplayer
support packages on disc 3 and 4, but xemacs and mplayer themselves
are missing.  It looks like the CD layout could do with some tweaking.

> I noticed on the FreeBSDmall web site that they sell a PowerPak with 10
> CDs. This is supposed to be the entire ports collection. Sounds like
> just what I need - except it's based on FBSD 4.6 which is one year old.
> So my question - I am wondering if the distfiles in this PowerPak are
> going to be of much use? Shelling out $40 isn't such a great hardship if
> the disfiles work as advertised, but I'm going to be more than a little
> pissed if it generates nothing but error messages. Does anybody know if
> the PowerPak will work with 5.1? Has anyone actually tried it?

As you noted, it's based on 4.6, so the contents are a year old.  If
you don't mind getting year-old versions of ports, then go for it.


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