Hi folks,

I'm an active user of FreeBSD for quite some time now, and I'm not a
full newbie anymore, except for this part:

I now have two PC's running, one is intended to be a webserver and the
other is my desktop-PC. I'm connected to the internet using a city-wide
network the university here offers. So I can use DHCP and TCP to connect
one PC to the net.

my webserver has two LAN-cards, my desktop has one. My question is: how
do I connect these two with eachother so that both PC's can reach

I've enabled routed on both systems, (-s on the webserver, -q on the
desktop) but that doesn't seem to be enough. I've read something about
routing and gateways in the handbook, but I didn't quite get it. So can
anyone help me out?

Please CC me, I'm not (anymore) a user on this list. Thanks!

tcGB <>< Fi-Ji ><>

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