>> I figured it was jail(8) or a suped up, customized jail. So where is
>> everyone getting this exact same set of documentation?
>>   http://support.securesites.com/support/virtual/freebsd/
>>   http://www.2kweb.net/support/virtual/freebsd/
>>   http://iasweb.com/support/docs/virtual/freebsd.html
>>   http://www.vpshosting.net/support/virtual/freebsd/
>>   http://www.aplonis.com/support/virtual/freebsd/
>>   http://www.perilpoint.com/support/virtual/freebsd/
>If you look at all those domains they are hosted either by secure.net or
>bestserver.net. I would guess that these are linked at some level so
>really I wouldn't be surprised if this was the same company or some form
>of reseller

Verio (or ViaVerio)


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