>On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 09:41:56AM -0400, Dave [Hawk-Systems] typed:
>> This may be better posted to the Apache list, but that has been
>filling up with
>> windows implementations as of late...
>> Have recently been inundated with requests for ASP on our
>FreeBSD/Apache servers
>> (probably because the Win2K solutions are incredibly unreliable/vulnerability
>> prone).
>Isn't asp part of these unreliable/vulnerability prone Win2K solutions?

yes.  its like customers asking for frontpage support on unix because windows is
unreliable.  Logic would indicate that maybe they shouldn't be using frontpage
then, but when everyone with a copy of frontpage is a developer...

>> What is the latest and most stable solution to providing ASP functionality on
>> FreeBSD 4.x stable with Apache 1.3x  (currently we are running with SSL, PHP,
>> etc... in case there are any conflicts that we need to be aware of).
>I see the
>> perl port in the ports, anyone with experience with that?
>What exactly do you mean by ASP functionality? Anything you can do in asp
>that you can't do in php/perl/whatever scripting language?

The goal being to allow "developers" who want to use ASP because they are
incapable of grasping perl/PHP/etc... to develop or migrate sites to our unix
based servers.

You are preaching to the choir as we use Perl/PHP to accomplish all our server
based programing and scripting. Telling clients however that they need to
migrate their code over to Perl/PHP just means we lose them to someone
supporting windows/ASP.


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