Hi there,

I've just installed 4.8-Release on a PII-233 system, 130MB memory,
Adaptec 2940 SCSI-2 controller with 2 IBM 4GB drives and one
Toshiba CDROM.

I CVsupped to the latest 4.8-Release, did a make world and rebuilt
my kernel, with all necessary devices enabled (I'm almost positive.)

After reboot, I find the following:

Booting [kernel]...
panic: pmap_bootstrap: no local apic!
mp_lock = 00000007; cpuid = 0; lapic.id = 00000000
Uptime: 0s

I've found references to this error, with hints at a SCSI hardware problem,
which is unlikely, as it detected and installed flawlessly (and the boot blocks
are OK, as this machine had Windows NT boot manager working fine before),
as well as problems with HTT in the kernel config, which is more likely, although
I have HTT, APIC, and SMP enabled in the kernel.

Funny thing is, I can no longer boot from CDROM (haven't changed anything
in the BIOS since installing from CD). I can stop the boot process and run most
boot loader commands, but 'unload kernel' gives me the same error, which completely
locks up the machine. I can list devices, but am not allowed to unset the boot device
and change it to CD.

I would much appreciate any advice on how to go about tracking this down.



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