I am in business with a couple of friends of mine, and to that end we are
sharing an office with a single high-speed DSL connection.  We are using
FreeBSD (4.8-RELEASE, soon to be upgraded to -STABLE) as our gateway for
the ineternal network, as well as serving e-mail, Web, etc.

Some of us like to work at home sometmes, and in fact there are even days
when NO ONE is in the office and we're all working from our various homes.

To that end, we would like to be able to set up a VPN, so that those
people who are working from home can access the office network directly.

Now here's the problem: all of us are using different OS's.  I use FreeBSD
on my desktop, but sometimes I like to work on the couch, in which case I
use my Titanium PowerBook running Mac OS X (which is of course based on
FreeBSD).  My boss uses OS X on  his iBook, and my other friend uses a
Linux box.

Now, with my (admittedly virtually nonexistant) knowledge of VPN, I know
that Linux boxen tend to use FreeSWAN.  FreeBSD, on the other hand, seems
to use something called RACOON.  And lord knows what OS X uses (although,
since it's FreeBSD based, maybe RACOON can be compiled/adapted to use on
it too?)  (although I just did a Google search, and according to this
O'Reilly Network article, it seesm that OS X has its own built-in PPTP
implementation: http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2002/12/20/vpn.html)

Can anyone more knowledgable than I help me figure out how to get this
multi-platform VPN monster going?  Help!  I need some backup!!

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