You want KAME ( It is in 4.x. RACCOON is just
the key management/exchange component of KAME.

IPSEC (read the RFCs) is your best bet for inter-platform vpn connections.
There are a number of FreeBSD implementations, although kame is probably
your best bet for connecting to FreeSWAN/Cisco/CheckPoint/whatever.

I'd be happy to give you some tips on setting it up if you have specific



Michael Bretterklieber wrote:


On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Donald Burr of Borg wrote:

Now, with my (admittedly virtually nonexistant) knowledge of VPN, I know
that Linux boxen tend to use FreeSWAN.  FreeBSD, on the other hand, seems
to use something called RACOON.  And lord knows what OS X uses (although,
since it's FreeBSD based, maybe RACOON can be compiled/adapted to use on
it too?)  (although I just did a Google search, and according to this
O'Reilly Network article, it seesm that OS X has its own built-in PPTP

Can anyone more knowledgable than I help me figure out how to get this
multi-platform VPN monster going?  Help!  I need some backup!!

You can use MPD as PPTP server  on your 4.8 Box.
(cd /usr/ports/net/mpd && make && make install)

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