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Hello everybody,

Linux comes with a nice feature - well, actually it's only of limited use, 
but for certain situations it's *very* useful: Before creating an 
iso9660-image, you can compress the file tree; you then create the iso-image 
in the ordinary way and write it to cd/cd-rw. When you read the cd, newer 
versions of Linux (2.4.16+, I think) can transparently decompress the files 
on the cd; you get to see the files normally, they just take less space on 
the cd.
(For files that already are compressed, like .tar.[bz2|gz] or mp3 audio, jpg 
images and so on, this rarely works, of course, but it's great for plain 
text, like html, source code, scripts, ...)

The reason this is useful to me is this: I regularly write backups on cd-rw; 
my cd-rw-writer can rewrite only at 2x-speed. Which really sucks if you have 
to store several hundred megabytes of data. ;-/ Using transparent 
de-/compression can save me some space on the rw and thus some time.

Unfortunately, the documentation of cdrtools-2.00 and zisofs-tools-1.0.4 
says, currently only Linux is capable of transparently reading such cds. 
Does anyone know if this will become a feature of FreeBSD one day? 
I would really appreciate that... =) 

Kind regards,

Benjamin Walkenhorst

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