I'm using ucd-snmpd version 4.2.6 on FreeBSD 4.8 which I installed from
the ports.  MRTG as well as other programs are reccieving responses from
the snmpd on my machine yet it's as if it's not actually transmitting
any information, ie. in MRTG I've had 0 bits in and out for the past 24
hours.  It was working fine for the longest time, never touched it. 
I've tried reinstalling snmpd, installing net-snmpd 5.0.8 which all I
get from that is "no response recieved", I've tried installing ucd-snmpd
from source file instead of ports which doesn't work, and I've tried to
create my own snmpd.conf which just gives me a "no response recieved"
but when I delete that snmpd.conf file I get a response just all the
info is zeroed out.  This is happening on two out of three of my
machines, can someone help?


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