On Friday, Jul 18, 2003, at 08:34 US/Mountain, Dave [Hawk-Systems] wrote:
You are preaching to the choir as we use Perl/PHP to accomplish all our server
based programing and scripting. Telling clients however that they need to
migrate their code over to Perl/PHP just means we lose them to someone
supporting windows/ASP.

I wonder about the viability of running one of the ASP things on your server to support ASP for those dumb people who insist on using it.

You may get the scripting language but don't most developers also take advantage of various COM (or whatever they are called now) objects in their scripts and these only work under Windows? What good is the scripting language part when the building blocks themselves won't run?

After looking into this a year or so ago that is the conclusion I came to at least...

If you make this work for you, post your experience please!

best regards

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