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On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 03:27:06PM -0700, Rus Foster wrote:
On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Crist J. Clark wrote:

Can anyone tell me exactly what "Virtual FreeBSD" is? If I Google the
term, I get a whole bunch of help webpages from various web hosting
outfits. What's spooky is all of the sites have the same content.
That definately gives me the impression someone is selling a product
called "Virtual FreeBSD" based off of, you guessed it, FreeBSD. I'm
trying to figure out exactly what this Virtual FreeBSD is and how it
differs from the vanilla FreeBSD.

OK as one of those companies that offer Virtual FreeBSD it is normal FreeBSD. However what we basically do is run a jail on top of FreeBSD itself offering a virtual machine i.e. Virtual FreeBSD

There is a product called "Virtuozzo" which appears to be much nicer than a jail. <http://www.sw-soft.com> . It lists FreeBSD and Linux support with Windows support coming (you can only run virtual servers of the same type that the base is installed on -- this is not VMWare type solution).

I got a demo of their stuff and it is much nicer to admin and probably use than a jail.

However, they have stopped selling the FreeBSD version due to lack of sales versus their Linux version and have shifted the developers to the Windows version. They still have it however, and indicated to me that they could revive it if interest in it goes up. It is worth a look!

SW Soft is also the new owner of the Plesk control panel system, which also works under FreeBSD.


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