Excuse the interruption, but I have a probably very stupid question...

I enabled NFS Server facilities on my 4.8.2 FreeBSD system recently.
I export ONE directory, and when nfs is started (via the normal booting 
process) my internet connectivity slows down. Additionally, my system can run 
out of swap space (I have 128 MB RAM and 512 MB swap). I never ran out of 
swap before on FreeBSD and this troubled me.

I ran top and saw rpc.statd usurping about 257M of memory.
When I disable NFS Server facilities, and reboot, my internet performance 
returns (and - of course - rpc.statd is no longer running. Also, I no longer 
run short of swap.

When I export the directory I have one line in /etc/exports which just lists 
the directory to be exported.

What am I doing wrong to have rpc.statd using SO MUCH memory.

Thank you in advance,

Ernie Rice
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