On Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:29:26 +0100
Matthew Seaman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 08:04:14PM +0100, lewiz wrote:
> >   Just a quick question:  is it possible to ``screen'' an X application
> > the same way I can a console application?  I have heard people using VNC
> > for something similar (I think).  Any suggestions?  This would also be
> > really great if I could then ``resume'' it on a different X box too ;)
> If you install VNC and run a vnc-server session containing your X
> application, you can connect to it via vnc-client, disconnect,
> reconnect, even connect from a different machine.  The main VNC port
> is in net/vnc (http://www.realvnc.com/), but there are any number of
> other VNC related programs in ports.

I recently looked into this and came upon:


Have not tried xf4vnc out yet, but will this week. The latest beta 
version ( seems the most promising.

This attaches VNC to your "0" display through an XFree module so 
behavior is similar to the way VNC works on a windows system. 
Many potential uses, including remote support for Mum on her 
FreeBSD/Gnome2 desktop :-) 

Anyone else out there using the beta and have any comments?


Stephen Hilton
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